Worship Ministry


To serve the mission of the congregation to make disciples by establishing, directing, scheduling, and coordinating all matters relating to the worship experience of the congregation.

Committee Functions:

  • To charge Ministry Teams with goals consistent with the mission of the congregation and the purpose of the committee
  • To recruit and provide training for Ministry Team leaders
  • To help implement the strategic plan
  • To identify ministry areas and develop new Ministry Teams as needed

Ministry Teams:

  • Eucharistic Ministers – Provide communion for members with life-limiting conditions that prevent regular worship attendance
  • Sanctuary Preparation – To provide non-liturgical items or personnel needed to support worship
  • Worship Leadership – Provide oversight of all worship activities, including ushers, communion assistants, worship program and special services
  • Sacristy – Provide for the preparation of the altar and care for worship supplies

For further information about our Worship Ministry, please email to: worship@peacelutheranbcs.org

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Dean & Glenda Schneider
Chair Elect: Mike Williams