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Fellowship Hall Remodel Project 2020 – Update June 7

Fellowship Hall Remodel Project

Fundraising Goals – Update June 7, 2020


The Fellowship Hall has been our “family room” in many ways for a long time.

In May, the Church Council approved proceeding with fund raising activities for the Fellowship Hall Remodel Project with goals to improve acoustics and lighting; enhance safety and security; and make our “family room” more attractive, comfortable and functional.

If you have not read the 6/2/2020 announcement on our website, please review it here to see the vision for the remodeled Fellowship Hall by watching a short video and looking […]

Fellowship Hall Renovation Project in 2020

2020 Fellowship Hall Renovation Project

Our ‘Family Room’ Needs an Update!

Updated 4/04/20

The Fellowship Hall has been a vital space for our church family to gather and spend time together over the years.

In many ways, it has been our “family room” and will continue in that role in the future.


The Fellowship Hall was built in 1979 and served 10 years as our original Sanctuary until our current Sanctuary was built in 1989 and has served us very well with virtually no changes or improvements during the last 41 years.

Remodel Team and Goals

In November 2019, the Church Council […]

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