Need an Event Announced or Publicized?

Unsure How To Get It On The PLC Website and In The Newsletter?

Here Are Some Helpful Tips!


Fall is rapidly approaching and Peace is beginning to bustle again as we return from summer, which means there are an increasing number of interesting activities and events that I’m sure we all want to know about!

But how can you get the word out so everyone can know about it and participate or help? (Hint: the answer is NOT give it to Lisa who is no longer allowed to receive it directly.)

Complete an Events & Announcements Submission Form!

Yup, a link to the form is in the above line – easy-to-follow directions included!

Now comes the hard part – we need your help in submitting your events and announcements in a timely manner!

Please allow 2 weeks time for your event or announcement to be created! 

This doesn’t mean 2 weeks prior to the date of the event or deadline – this means 2 weeks *before* you need to have your information posted on the website and/or announced in the bulletin and newsletter!

We want to be sure your event or announcement is spread far and wide – help the Communications Team meet your deadline!

Your promptness is appreciated – thanks!


Still need help? Contact Lisa at or (979) 693-4403.