Mission Project Is Complete – The House is Painted!

Thanks To Everyone Who Helped In Any Way!


In spite of a pretty big weather delay, the project undertaken by the Missions Committee to paint the house for a needy person in our community project is done and the house is completely painted.

A big thanks to all who helped work on the house: David Bade, Richard Bechtle, Jimmy Bonds, Angela Fleeger, Bob Gibbons, Eric Johnson, Larry Lipke, Pat Morse, Mikael Olsen, Tracy Paine, Rhonda Raphael, Pam Wehmeyer, and Lane Winslow Jr.

We also appreciated the efforts of Carolyn Carr and Mel Wehmeyer who brought drinking water and snacks and Jeanie Bassett who with others provided lunch.

Here is a link to some wonderful images of this ‘Big Event’ and following is a letter of thanks from Eric Barton of the Community Services Department of College Station:


Good Afternoon, All!

First, let me thank each of you most sincerely (on behalf of myself and our entire Community Development staff) for taking the opportunity during the breaks from thunderstorms last week, to perform such awesome work at Ms. Drewyor’s home.  I know she appreciates it so very much.  What volunteers like you all have done with your efforts last week, is to tremendously expand the results of our limited resources and abilities as City staff.  We so appreciate everything you have done at Ms. Drewyor’s home, from those who provided the actual work, to those providing lunches for the workers, and to those who provided prayers for safety and protection regarding all the people involved in all the activities going on during the project…there are no words deep enough to express our gratitude.

Secondly, I apologize that I was unable to make it last week to help with the project, as was my intention.  Our youngest son, and his wife, brought into our family another baby granddaughter that was over three weeks premature, so my wife and I needed to be at their home to take care the other two sisters while the new born was in NICU.  Thankfully, God took care of the little lady, and she was able to come home yesterday and be with her family…so awesome!

Lastly, I would like to request that any of you who were able to take pictures during the work at Ms. Drewyor’s home, please send those photos to me via email.  Our staff loves to brag about the volunteer partners in our community that help us extend the usefulness of our federal funding and our housing assistance programs.  The photos will be used not only for the client’s file, but also in future public hearings and presentations to the community, to encourage volunteering as such a valuable and much needed resource. All efforts that we and our community partnerships collaborate on, gets reported to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,  and eventually on to our U.S. Congress.  This is why we love to hear, and obtain pictures of, all volunteer work that is accomplished in our community…as we ban forces to improve our community’s housing conditions, as well as the lives of the individuals whose income or life circumstances have impeded their own ability to do so. 

Again….thank you all so much and we look forward to being able to collaborate on future housing assistance projects together.  Have a fantastic week!

Eric Barton

Community Development Analyst
Community Services Department
City of College Station

Thanks to all of you for representing the face of Peace Lutheran Church to our community!


Mission Committee