COVID-19 Procedures for In-Person Sunday Morning Worship

Services Beginning October 4, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.

Peace Lutheran Church Sanctuary


The Council of Peace Lutheran Church hereby resolves that it will resume in-person worship as of October 4, 2020.

Consistent with our calling to love and care for one another and for the health of our neighbors, any person attending in-person worship must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

Those who are ill, have tested positive for COVID-19, or who are in vulnerable populations should refrain from attending in-person worship. Persons exposed to COVID-19 or who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 must refrain from attending in-person worship until at least two weeks after they have tested negative for the presence of the virus.

Persons who choose to attend in-person worship agree to inform the church promptly if they learn they have been exposed to COVID-19. Notice of COVID-19 exposure should be made by calling PLC Office at (979) 693-4403 or by emailing and should inform us of the relevant date(s) of in-person attendance.

The church will then make appropriate, anonymous notifications to others who may have been in attendance on the same date so they may take appropriate steps to protect their health and safety. The church office will also notify public health authorities and will assist them in any efforts to undertake contact tracing.

Please note that this list and explanations of requirements is a supplement to the published Safety Guidelines and Protocols and does not replace those documents.

Following are the guidelines for the Sunday morning services as we move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic and the list covers the topics specific to the In-Person Sunday morning services in the Sanctuary including distribution of communion: Assisting Minister, Ushers, Cantor, Sacristans.

*Communion Assistants, Greeters, and Lectors will not be needed at this time.

  1. Assisting Minister – He or she will wear a mask and social distance from the officiating pastor as well as hold the communion tray during disbursement of the elements.
  2. Assisting Minister for Lector – The assisting minister will perform the lector duties of reading the scripture.
  3. Ushers – The two (2) ushers will help seat the congregation in pews marked by blue tape, wear a mask, assist with the guidance for communion, and help to uphold the 6-foot social distancing.
  4. Cantor – The cantor will wear a mask except while performing and will be located as assigned, presently suggested as being in the corner by the organ.

Pastor will wear mask and gloves to hand out wafers.

**A convenient disposable location will be provided for the empty communion cups.