Fellowship Hall Remodel Project

Fundraising Goals – Update June 7, 2020


The Fellowship Hall has been our “family room” in many ways for a long time.

In May, the Church Council approved proceeding with fund raising activities for the Fellowship Hall Remodel Project with goals to improve acoustics and lighting; enhance safety and security; and make our “family room” more attractive, comfortable and functional.

If you have not read the 6/2/2020 announcement on our website, please review it here to see the vision for the remodeled Fellowship Hall by watching a short video and looking at several 3D drawings.

Funding for the project is outside our regular budget process and will be funded entirely through gifts by members or friends of the congregation as well as matching funds from the See/Cohen Strategic Fund.

So far this year, a number of gifts have been received for the project before fund raising officially started and thank you so much for these gifts.

What Is Our Current Status?

Here is the current status of fund raising:

Our fund raising goal is $130,000 which is the estimated cost of the project; to get the full $60,000 matching funds, we need at least an additional $22,500 in cash gifts that will  only be used for the Fellowship Hall Remodel Project.

Each dollar in Cash Gifts will be matched by a dollar from Matching Funds up to a maximum limit of $60,000 which means that in order to receive the entire $60,000 available in Matching Funds, a total of $60,000 must be received in Cash Gifts.

Cash Gifts for the project will be managed the same as all gifts received at Peace Lutheran Church, which means they will be treated confidentially, recorded for each member, and will appear on each member’s end-of-year list of contributions.

Ready To Help With The Fellowship Hall Remodel Project?

If you want to make a cash gift to the Fellowship Hall Remodel Project, there are three options:

  1. Make an online gift by selecting the Online Giving option at the bottom left of the Home Page titled “DONATE NOW,”  which is linked here. If you have a profile, just Log In. If you have not donated before online and just want to do it one time, follow Option 3 or 4, fill in the amount of your donation in “Fellowship Hall Upgrade” and click on Continue to complete a cash gift to the project.
  2. Mail a check to the church and please include “Fellowship Hall Remodel” in the check’s memo line so we can properly record the gift.
  3. When we start worshiping in person again, put a check in the offering and please write “Fellowship Hall Remodel” in the check’s memo line so we can properly record each gift.

As the fund-raising moves forward, we will provide regular updates on this joint effort.

If you have any specific questions, please contact Natalie Wright, Eric Johnson, or James Bonds.

Thank You For Helping Remodel Our ‘Family Home’ Fellowship Hall!