Fellowship Hall Remodel Project Construction Update

October 17, 2020

Check Out The Images Below!

The Fellowship Hall Remodel Project that began July 7th is done and Dedication will be November 1, 2020!

Below are images sent in by Eric Johnson on October 17, some final images of the finished project!

Motorized Screen Installed

Round Table and Chairs in New Storage Closed

Drink Station on the Right

New Doors to Education Wing Hallway

Doors Closed

Buffet Line

Rectangular Tables Stored in Buffet Line

Three Carts Not Normally All Together

Thank You For Your Prayers!

If you have specific questions or comments, please contact either Natalie Wright, Eric Johnson, or James Bonds.

Thank you for your support of this exciting improvement to our “family room” at Peace Lutheran Church.

Thank You For Helping Remodel Our ‘Family Home’ Fellowship Hall!