Faith on the Go! (Now Faith at Home!)    March 22, 2020

Supplies:  Bible, Cross, Candle 

Instructions: Modify these to meet your family’s needs

    1. Choose a family member to be the Leader this week. You can have a different leader each week!
    2. Gather in a place you can all sit and see each other. You change where you meet each week!
    3. Place Cross,Bible and Candle in the center.
    4. Light  the candle. & take some deep breaths and focus on the candle to prepare for your time together.


Share… Share what you are feeling and experiencing this week

  • How are you feeling today…
  • How did you encounter Jesus this week…
  • What is  challenges did you encountered…

Read…  Read the scripture together

Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Talk /Journal… Discuss or journal about the following questions

  • What is your favorite part of the story?
  • What challenged you?
  • What is you hear or learn that you didn’t know before?
  • What would you have thought if you encountered the man who had been healed?
  • Where have you seen Jesus in someone else this week?

Pray… Choose a family member to pray or pray together the following prayer

Dear God,

During this time of disruption from our normal, open our eyes to where and who you are calling us to be and may we see the world through  your eyes. Amen

Bless… While making the sign of the cross on each others forehead or hand say

(Name), Child of God, you are seen and you are loved. Amen

Optional Activities:

Sing: Open the Eyes of my Heart

Jesus Glasses

  • Supplies:  any pair of sunglasses (or make your own with household items such as straws or pipe cleaners or paper and tape, lids etc.)
  • Instructions: Take turns wearing the glasses and wonder about how God would see or use different things. (For Example if you see a flower maybe God see beauty in creation but also he see food for insect and animals.)