Faith On the Go #4 Cain & Able

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Faith On the Go #4 Cain & Able


Ask each family member to share a High and lows of your week


Genesis 4:1-16

Talk: In this Story Cain sinned, but God still loved him. God loves us like this too. Even when we mess up big God’s grace is enough.

  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • What made Cain Angry with Able?
  • What is envy and how does it look in today’s world?
  • What are some examples of God’s grace and forgiveness in our lives/world today?


Create a “forgiveness spot” in your home. Have a basket with pencils and crayons. Each day/week write or draw something you messed up on. have another family member write forgiven or “X” out what you did. Bless each other with blessing below each time you “forgive the sins”


Say a prayer together asking God for forgiveness and thanking him for the gift of grace we receive from Jesus.


Bless each other by making the sign of the cross on each others forehead and  saying: (name), Child of God, you are forgiven. Go and share God’s love with others.

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