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Sunday Morning Worship – Together

10:15 to 11:45 a.m.

Livestream and Via Zoom

Effective 12/02/2020


Participating in worship during COVID-19 has been complicated since the pandemic started impacting us in mid-March of 2020.

For six months, Peace Lutheran Church held worship services over Zoom and while not as fulfilling or meaningful as worshipping together in person, at least it provided a weekly opportunity for us to see and talk with each other.

During that six months, the church designed and implemented a method by which services could be livestreamed directly to a major video service like YouTube.

The ability to livestream worship services to remote or infirmed worshippers has long been a goal – and that goal was achieved in late September when worship services began being livestreamed to YouTube.

While many appreciate the convenience and ability of observing these services in many different ways, others greatly miss the ability to see and speak with each other as they could through Zoom following each service.

To accommodate both preferences and at least for the month of December, all worship services will be offered in both formats.

The livestream will be broadcast over YouTube just as it has been for the past two months while those who would prefer to participate via Zoom can do so using the connecting information below.

After joining the Zoom meeting, participants can catch up with each other, chat or talk, and enjoy seeing each other individually.

When worship begins, one designated participant will share the livestream broadcast of the service for all others to see.

During the service, participants can continue to use the Zoom chat features to exchange messages, public or private.

After the service, any further discussion or exchange of greetings continues for as long as participants desire just as it happened during our six months of Zoom worship.

If you are interested in the “Worship Together” Zoom option, below is your connecting information which will apply for all 4 Sundays in December and possibly beyond if it is deemed desirable or necessary.

Join Zoom Meeting Here:

Or if using the Zoom app on your computer, tablet, or phone:

Meeting ID: 814 1288 0925 Passcode: 1978

Join Livestream via YouTube Here:

**Plan Approved by the Executive Committee on 12/01/2020


For further information, contact Larry Lippke at

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