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You Can Be A Hero – Give Blood!

Sunday August 4, 2019 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm

Please consider donating the gift of life by giving blood at the Peace Lutheran Blood Drive on Sunday, August 4th from 8:00 am  to 12:30 pm inside the Donor Coach that will be located in the parking lot of the church.

How old do I have to be?

Great question – you have to be 16 year old to donate blood!

How can I sign up?

Real easy – there are options! There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex, you can go to giveblood.org and sign up under Sponsor Code NEO7, or contact Connie Flickinger at conmeister07@yahoo.com or a979-575-2227.

Your Body Won’t Miss It – And Others Really Need It To Stay Alive!

Consider Giving The Gift of Life – Give Blood!