Want to Help Local Health Providers During COVID-19?

The Brazos Valley Needs Reusable Cloth Masks – and We Can Make Them!

Become A Hero Mask Maker!

If you haven’t heard it enough on the local news, here’s a fact you need to know: the COVID-19 pandemic has reached the Brazos Valley and according to the latest reports, it won’t be over soon.

In order to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we need your Time, Talents, or Treasures to quickly make as many washable face masks or face mask covers as possible that will extend the life of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE for our valuable caregivers.

According to Dr. Lauren Streicher: “With dwindling supplies, it is critical for healthcare workers who are at the highest risk to have the N95 respirator mask. Healthcare workers who require a mask but are not working directly with COVID-19 patients can use these cloth masks.”

How Can I Help?

To accomplish this project, we need people to:

  • Donate fabric, elastic, binding or twill tape, and wire ribbon.
  • Cut out fabric and assemble into craft bags.
  • Actually make the masks.

If you would like to join in this project, here is a link to the Hero Mask Makers Form to sign up and and we will get back to you within 24 hours with complete project information:

Hero Mask Makers Form

Questions? Contact heromaskmakers@gmail.com or leave questions for us at the end of the form.

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Want To DIY The Masks Yourself?

Please follow the pattern or one similar to the instructions in the following video from Dr. Lauren Streicher

Mask Patterns and Directions

or contact Rhonda Raphael via rhonda@peacelutheranbcs.org for more information.

Thanks For Your Help During #ronapacolypse!