At Peace Lutheran Church, we are forgiven by God’s grace, renewed by Christ’s love, and called to celebrate, learn, and serve.

Building & Grounds Ministry


To serve the mission of the congregation to make disciples by ascertaining and directing necessary support for the maintenance and addition to buildings and grounds and related planning.

Committee Functions:

  • To charge Ministry Teams with goals consistent with the mission of the congregation and the purpose of the committee
  • To recruit and provide training for Ministry Team Leaders
  • To help implement the strategic plan
  • To identify ministry areas and develop new Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams:

Facilities Maintenance:  Maintain, repair, and replace all equipment and provide oversight for facilities

Facilities Planning:  Plan new facilities, additions, and renovations

Grounds & Landscaping:  Maintain grounds and landscaping of all Peace Lutheran Church property

Meeting Times:

We meet the First Thursday of every month at noon in the Education Wing Library. If you are interested in helping out with Building or Grounds maintenance, please feel free to join us and help Celebrate, Learn and Serve.

For further information about our Building & Grounds Ministry, please email to:

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Eric Johnson

Chair Elect: Jason Vaaler


Chair Name
Building Eric Johnson
General Bob Gibbons
HVAC Chris Hunter
Electrical Joe Young
Appliances Steve Gossett
Carpentry Herb Fisher
Plumbing Steve Gossett
Painting Jason Vaaler
Grounds Jason Vaaler
Irrigation Todd Huebner
Garden Beds Rhonda Raphael
Equipment & Consumables Jason Vaaler
Lawns Jason Vaaler
   Lawn Crew 1    Connie Flickinger
   Lawn Crew 2    Bob Gibbons
   Lawn Crew 3    Larry Lippke