Want Something Special to Read During Advent?

Fill Your Advent With Daily Devotionals!


Advent Devotionals are provided by Luther Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota this year and printed copies will be in the church narthex starting Sunday, November 24.

There is also a downloadable print version in both regular print and large print form provided by God Pause available if you click on the link provided.

Link Here to PDF

If you want the verses to appear daily in your email and you’re not a God Pause subscriber, sign up below and select God Pause Daily Devotions to receive the daily devotion.

Link Here to Daily Devotional via Email

The Advent devotionals begin on December and will conclude on December 25, 2019.

Once Advent ends, you’ll continue to receive daily God Pause devotions written by Luther Seminary alumni.


For more information, contact Rhonda Raphael at rhonda@peacelutheranbcs.org or (979) 693-4403.