Mailing Address:

Peace Lutheran Church
2201 Rio Grande
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: (979) 693-4403
Fax: (979) 764-0940

Our Leadership Team

Name Position Phone E-Mail Address
Executive Committee
Paul Brister President 979-595-5504
Thomas Gessner Vice President 979-696-1044
Erin Provazek Secretary 979-260-0409
Gail Macmillan Treasurer 979- 485-1711
Sandra Gossett Financial Secretary 979-693-9159
Mission Committee
Jeanie Bassett Chair 979-693-0229
Linda Kenyon Chair Elect 979-436-1628
Worship Committee
Mike Williams Chair 979-695-8012
Karen Dreger Chair Elect 727-871-7186
Education, Youth, and Family Committee
Melinda Gandrud Chair 979-324-8302
Cristie Brod Chair Elect 979-575-0404
Congregational Life Committee
Deanne Huebner Chair 979-690-9856
Tammy Way Chair Elect 979-255-8362
Building and Grounds Committee
Bryce Rico Chair 832-244-7658
Christopher Hunter Chair Elect 979-739-1435


Name Position Phone E-Mail Address
Rev. Jim Abbott
Pastor 979-693-4403
Angela Fleeger Parish Assistant for Ed., Youth, & Family 979-693-4403
Carolyn Carr Parish Assistant for Outreach 979-693-4403
Rhonda Raphael
Parish Assistant for Congregational Life 979-693-4403
Lisa Sowders Secretary 979-693-4403
Christopher Lund
Director of Music 979-693-4403
TBD Student Outreach Peer Minister
Peter Schneider LYO Mentor
Lauren McKenzie LYO Mentor

Tidings of Peace Newsletter

Peace Lutheran Church maintains an email list used to distribute electronic newsletters and other special announcements. To join this list, send an email to  In the body of the message, enter “subscribe peacelutheran yourfirstname yourlastname”.  Be sure to use your real first name and last name.  Or, just email asking to get on the list.

Prayer Chain

We also use a separate email list to notify interested people about prayer requests. If you would like to be a member of the prayer chain, please send a message to with that request.